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Angel Hair

box of angel hair

This delicate pasta works best with very thin tomato-based or broth-based sauces or simple olive oil tosses.


box of capellini

Capellini literally translates to “little hairs.” its long, cylindrical shape is similar to spaghetti but much thinner.


box of vermicelli

Vermicelli, as versatile as spaghetti, but not as hearty, is for those who prefer less “bite”.

Thin Spaghetti

box of thin spaghetti

A versatile pasta shape, Thin Spaghetti can be used in entrées, side dishes, cold salads, or broken and used in soups.


box of spaghetti

Tomato or cream sauces, broth-based sauces, olive oil tosses and meat sauces all work well with spaghetti.


box of linguine

Little tongues in Italian, this narrow, flat pasta is a specialty of southern Italy. Linguine is frequently paired with white or red clam sauce.


box of fettuccine

Fettuccine is classically paired with Alfredo Sauce, a rich cream sauce with Parmesan cheese.


box of lasagna

America’s favorite baking shape, some culinary authorities think the name comes from Vulgur Latin “lasania”, meaning “cooking pot”.


box of mafalda

Mafalda is a flat ribbon pasta, similar to a narrow lasagna, cut into bite size lengths.

Elbow Macaroni

box of elbow macaroni

Elbow Macaroni is short curved tubular pasta in a semi-circle shape. Elbow Macaroni is versatile because of its short cooking time and familiar shape.

Large Elbows

Large Elbows

Most commonly associated with macaroni and cheese, Large Elbows can also be used with tomato-based or creamy sauces.


box of cavatappi

Cavatappi is a tubular corkscrew or spiral shaped pasta about 1-inch long and native to southern Italy.



This pretty shape can be paired with almost any favorite pasta sauce.


box of rotini

One of the most versatile of all pasta shapes, you can use Rotini in entrées, oven bakes, side dishes, soups and cold salads.

Mostaccioli Rigati

box of mostaccioli rigati

Italians describe mostaccioli as “little mustaches”. They are diagonally cut tubular shapes similar to penne, but larger.


box of ziti

Ziti is traditionally served in oven baked dishes with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It works as well in any entrée, side dish or cold salad.

Ziti Rigati

Ziti Rigati is medium-sized tubular pasta about 2-inches long and slightly curved. This classic Southern Italian pasta is often served at Sicilian weddings.

Small Rigatoni

box of small rigatoni

This chunky pasta is frequently used in oven baked dishes, but it can also be used in pasta “tosses” and salads.


box of rigatoni

Hearty, rich sauces, either creamy or tomato-based, complement Rigatoni. Rich meat sauces are often paired with Rigatoni.

Medium Shells

box of medium shells

Called “conchiglie” in Italian, there are many sizes of these seashell-shaped pastas.

Trio Italiano®

box of trio italiano

Trio Italiano® is a combination of three shapes in one box: Rotini, Penne and Shells. With 3 cuts in one box, it is perfect for use in cold salads.

Penne Rigate

box of penne rigate

Most pasta sauces are great with Penne Rigate, but thinner sauces will cling to ridges in penne.


box of farfalle

“Butterflies” in Italian; medium-sized pasta with a crimped center and pinked edges to form the shape of a bow tie.


box of ditalini

Ditalini is often the shape used in Pasta Fagioli (“pasta and beans”), a classic thick Italian soup.

Acini Di Pepe

box of acini di pepe

Acini Di Pepe works well in any soup or cold salads; try our famous classic “Frog’s Eye Salad” that’s fun for kids.


box of orzo

A great rice substitute, Orzo works well in soups, stews, pilafs, side dishes and salads.


box of pastina

Pastina works best in light soups. It is often made in single servings for one of toddler’s first foods.


box of manicotti

Manicotti are undercooked, then stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetable fillings, covered with sauce, then oven baked until pasta is done.

Pot Pie Squares

bag of pot pie squares

Pot Pie Squares are a traditional egg based pasta shape just like mom used to make from scratch.

Pot Pie Bows

bag of pot pie bows

Pot Pie Bows are small pasta in the shape of tiny bows. They are a traditional egg based pasta just like mom used to make from scratch.