Long Cuts


pile of capellini

Capellini literally translates to “little hairs.” its long, cylindrical shape is similar to spaghetti but much thinner. Capellini cooks very quickly and has a delicate texture, making it perfect for light entrees, side dishes, or soups. It pairs well with seafood, light tomato sauces, and olive-oil-based sauces.


pile of fettucine

“Little ribbons” in Italian, this shape originated in Rome. These flat wide pasta strands are classically paired with Alfredo Sauce, a rich cream sauce with Parmesan cheese. This robust pasta is best in entrées and side dishes. Cream sauces, olive oil or butter pairs well with Fettuccine, but tomato sauces of medium to thick consistency Fettuccine


pile of linguine

Little tongues in Italian, this narrow, flat pasta is a specialty of southern Italy. Linguine is frequently paired with white or red clam sauce. Used in entrees or side dishes, linguine works well with almost any type of pasta sauce.


pile of vermicelli

From the Latin “verme” for “worms”, vermicelli is round thin pasta strands that are thinner than spaghetti. Vermicelli, as versatile as spaghetti, but not as hearty, is for those who prefer less “bite”.


pile of spaghetti

From the Italian word for “strings,” these thin round strands are our most beloved pasta shape. A versatile pasta shape, spaghetti can be used in entrées, side dishes, cold salads, or broken and used in soups. Toss spaghetti with almost any pasta sauce of varying thickness. Tomato or cream sauces, broth-based sauces, olive oil tosses Spaghetti

Angel Hair

pile of angel hair

“Capelli d’angelo” is Italian for “angel hair,” thinnest of all pasta strands. Because it is so thin, it cooks in as few as 2 minutes! Angel Hair is great for light entrees, side dishes or soups. This delicate pasta works best with very thin tomato-based or broth-based sauces or simple olive oil tosses. Use finely Angel Hair